Summer Services

Lawn Cutting. We offer Lawn Cutting that meets YOUR needs. Whether that be for a home owner, seasonal resident, weekend or occasional resident, or commercial establishment. Your lawn cutting schedule can be customized any way that YOU chose.

Spring clean-up. Involves a thorough de-thatching of your lawn which will remove un-decomposed clippings and other debris from the previous growing seasons. Helps prevent disease and insect damage and promote strong turf growth.

Fall clean-up. At the end of the growing season we will clean up your property in preparation for the coming winter. We do not remove the leaves, choosing instead, to mulch them up and return them to your lawn a natural fertilizer. Only if there are too many leaves will we take them away. If leaves are left on the lawn over the winter months they can form into dense mats killing the grass below it.

Aerating. Is a process that allows oxygen to reach turf roots by removing small soil plugs throughout the lawn. The soil plugs soon break down returning top soil and organic matter to the lawn.

Fertilizing. In our region of Ontario there is little top soil and what there is covers gravel and limestone allowing water to easily flow through the soil taking many nutrients required for health turf growth with it. We offer both traditional and slow release fertilizers in the early season to promote leaf growth and a good fertilizer in the Fall to promote strong turf root growth helping to ensure winter survival.

Lawn Pest Control. We can help control lawn pests such as weeds and insects with commercial products that are currently permitted for use in Ontario. Although most of these products are new to the market we will only use those that we feel will give reasonable results and good value for money. Throughout the year we stay in contact with industry updates (published by manufacturers and government agencies) to ensure that we are up to date with the most effective techniques and products. All our application personnel are government licensed and trained.

Tree and Bush Trimming or Removal. If your trees and bushes around your property have grown too large we can help bring them back under control. Or if they are too large we can remove them. We have a stump grinder that can remove the stump left from the tree or bush. The stump can be ground 6" below the surface ensuring no re-growth, without damaging the surrounding area.

For further information about our summer services click on the link for the " Summer Season News Letter" on our home page.


Winter Services

Snow Clearing. Durnan provides snow clearing service in and around the community of Bobcaygeon, for either residential or commercial clients, year round residents or seasonal. For those that only come up occasionally in the winter months, we can customize snow removal to YOUR requirements.

Ice Control. We have a mixture of sand and salt (pickled sand) to combat any snow build-up and ice.

Home Checks. If you are leaving for a period of time and need your home checked-up on then we offer a twice weekly service

For further information about our winter services click on the link for the " Winter Season News Letter" on our home page.